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20th July - 4th August

Marta Ravasi


5th of May - 3rd of June

Antonio López

Just below the gums
22nd of April - 27th of May

Melanie Loureiro and Maria Nolla Mateos

The Miracle is to Believe
11th of March - 15th of April

Sean Mullins

Strange Surfaces
20th of January - 26th of February

Isabelle Andriessen, Peter Brock, Arto Rta and Elza Sīle

Violence Allowed
25th of November - 15th of January

Claudia Pagès Rabal


Welcome to frontier country
10th of November - 19th of November

Simon Gush
Stevenson x diez

The Only Vision Is Zero
14th of October - 6th of November

Nicholas Cheveldave

A Circle With Several Centers
9th of September - 9th of October

Rasoul Ashtary

Some Stories
24th of June - 8th of August

Anton Munar and Aline Sofie Rainer

4th of June

baby reni

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